We help artists with their bookings, tours and publishing in Europe.

More than a booking agency

We set up full European tours from A to Z. So our artists get direct deals with our clients, travel comfortably and most important: Boost their (live) brand!

J.Noah is a quite unique booking and touring agency in Europe. Specializing in Hiphop and Urban acts. In the last 17 years, we’ve established a direct network of over 3200 promoters, 300 festivals, 800 venues in 23 countries. This gives our artists direct access to all the decision makers, which results in guaranteed full tours for our artists. With maximum results.

Guaranteed Bookings

Through our major network we work directly with over 4500 clients in Europe (and Asia). Because we are represented locally in 23 countries we are known to set up complete tours very efficiently and fast for both the artists and promoters.

Comfortable Touring

We always keep in mind the quality of the tours for our artists. Meaning that we want the artist to have a good time. So we setup routings that makes sense and aim to arrange all flights, ground travel, hotels / airbnb’s, etc ourselves. But we also arrange all entertainment, private parties, bbq’s etc.

From the moment an artist arrives in Europe, one of our tour managers will pick up the whole travel party and be with them 24/7 during the whole tour. Our tour managers make sure that everything is taken care of and the artist can focus on performing and having a good time in Europe.


As an artist you probably have money – ready to be cashed in – that you don’t know about. We from J-Noah would like to get you to this money.
You already know about the royalties you get in your home country but did you know you get money for airplay on the radio in Europe as well? We can get you to this money.

Trough our newly added ‘J-Noah publishing’ service we offer to collect all this money for you. Contact us now! haris@j-noah.com