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Be independent

You are the boss of your own tours. We just work for you. With our expertise and network, we produce your complete European tour from A to Z. 

Sell directly to your fans

We have built our own ticketing solution, so you can sell directly to your fans. Which also gives you access to their data. So more pre and aftersales, and a big client database every year you tour here.

Earn more

Of course, if it’s your own show. You’ll earn more. Let’s say you sell out a 1000 person venue against € 30,- per ticket. Your net profit will be way higher then the €10.000 fee you get now.

More comfort

We set up your complete tour routing with one thing in mind: Your comfort. So easy traveling, nice hotels and your own personal tour manager by your side 24/7.



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So what do we do?

Market Research

We don’t just start. We do market research first to see where you as an artist can earn the most revenue.

Artwork & materials

Our team of artworkers will create all the materials for your tour. Making sure your fans have a great experience that matches your brand.

Tour Manager

From arrival till departure you’ll have a personal tourmanager with you who will take care of everything. You wont even have to think.

Arranging the shows

We negotiate with all of the best venues in the cities that you will visit and also arrange the security, riders etc.


We will start the ticketsales through our own ticketing solution. Because of this we have complete control over the sales and all the client data.


If you want, we can arrange the merchandise designing, production, distribution and sales. So you’ll earn more and worry less.

Travel Planning

We’ve now made a comfortable routing. Next up: We only book comfortable transport & hotels because you need this.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team will start pushing newsletters, online advertising to your target audience etc. But we also have people in every city doing local promotion.


Through our own ticketing solution, we can take care of aftersales. So even when you are back home again. You are still earning.

Your financial calculation of how you’ve done it up and till now probably looked more like this:

You get a set fee of let’s say. €10.000, and that’s that. No extra’s, no client e-mails and data for future growth and sales etc.

We can make you a precise calculation of your potential new revenues with J. Noah. Just contact us.

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