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About Eva Simons

Eva Simons is a Dutch electro-pop singer who made her solo recording debut in 2009 with the international hit “Silly Boy” after rising to fame on the reality show Popstars several years earlier as part of the chart-topping girl group Raffish.
Born on March 17, 1984, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, she grew up in a musical family where both of her parents were musicians, and as a teenager she studied music at the Conservatorium von Amsterdam.

Eva Simons on Wikipedia

Eva Simons (born April 27, 1984) is a Surinamese Dutch singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. She is best known for her song “Policeman” and collaborations with artists such as Afrojack and will.i.am. In 2012, Simons broke through on the international stage when she featured on the will.i.am single “This Is Love” which reached the top of several charts. In the same year Simons received a BMI songwriting award for her songwriting on “Take Over Control”. During her solo career she has released 12 singles, including “Bludfire” which appeared in November 2015.

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This Is Love ft. Will.I.Am

Bludfire ft. Sidney Samson