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Hasan Ozturk, is a true pioneer in the world of entertainment. As the founder of J-Noah Entertainment, a prominent company established in 2014, Hasan has cemented his name as a driving force in the industry. With a remarkable career spanning decades, he has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.

Hasan’s journey began in 1994 when he embarked on a groundbreaking venture known as HipHop World. This early foray into entrepreneurship showcased his innate talent for identifying emerging trends and capitalizing on them. HipHop World quickly gained recognition as a premier entertainment company, successfully bridging the gap between music enthusiasts and talented artists.

However, Hasan’s hunger for creative expression and his desire to push boundaries led him to explore new avenues. In 2014, he founded J-Noah Entertainment, a company that would redefine the entertainment industry. With J-Noah, Hasan sought to create an all-encompassing platform that would embrace various forms of art and entertainment, transcending conventional boundaries.

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