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Marco Archer, a rapper who goes by Phora, is an Anaheim-raised native of Corona, California who excels at narrative rhymes. His charismatic manner lends a relatable quality to lyrics that, if delivered by less-skilled rappers, would probably not resonate with most listeners foreign to his perspective. (He has survived a stabbing and two shootings.) As a youngster, Archer got into some trouble for graffiti, but his work as a tattoo artist proved to be relatively lucrative and aided in the funding of his fledgling rap career. Before turning 21, he had released four albums independently: One Life to Live, Still a Kid, Sincerely Yours, and the Nights Like These EP, which was issued with major crowdfunding assistance. Angels with Broken Wings arrived in 2015 and was his first effort to land on the Billboard rap chart. Exactly one year later, Archer released his rap chart-topping fifth LP, With Love. Yours Truly Forever, his sixth release in as many years, was issued in August 2017.

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