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Born in 1998 and growing up in Dallas, Texas, rapper/singer Cuban Doll began her climb to stardom as a model and social media presence, joining platforms like Twitter and Instagram in 2012 under the name Cuban da Savage and amassing thousands of followers. In 2016 she began releasing original music, already affiliated with rappers like Molly BrazzyAsian Doll, and BandGang. Sometimes appearing under the name Cuban da Savage and sometimes going as Cuban Doll, she adapted to a mumble rap style and posted new songs and videos frequently. In 2017 she released her first mixtape, Cuban Link, and followed it with a shorter mixtape a few months later called Aaliyah Keef, which featured the viral single “Rat Bitch.” As her fame grew, she had a falling out with Asian Doll that turned into a very public beef, ending their friendship and resulting in various controversies and bickering between the two rappers on social media.

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