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A little Trivia about NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa, the American rapper and songwriter, was also formerly known as YNR Choppa. His actual name is Bryson Lashun. Potts and was born on November 1, 2002. Born to a Jamaican mother and Afro-American father, Potts grew up in Memphis, where he attended the Cordova High School. Apart from his interest in music, he also loved playing basketball. 

At the age of 14, he started freestyling. By the age of 15, he knew that music was where he belonged and started pursuing it more seriously. His unique opening verse and dance moves in his video songs earned him quite a fan following at a very young age. Want to book NLE Choppa for your music shows? Get it touch with our dedicated NLE Choppa booking agent with your offer.

NLE Choppa’s Journey to Stardom.

“No Love Anthem,” his first song was released in February 2018 under the name YNR Choppa. He then moved on to release his debut mixtape, “No Love the Takeover,” in July 2018. He earned an online buzz with a cypher style song “No Chorus Pt. 3” in his Shotta Fam collection. 

As he gained more popularity in the rap world, he released his breakout single Shotta Flow. This video song went on to earn more than 10 million views within a month of its release. Pitchfork also highlighted this track as the song of the day within a few days of its release. It is not surprising that this song entered the billboard 100 chart at number 36. The song also was certified as platinum by the RIAA. 

Managing NLE Choppa booking.

From the time he has shown interest in rap music, his mother Angela Potts was NLE Choppa’s manager. However, you can also get your booking done through J.Noah. We have a personalized NLE agent who takes care of his bookings. You could also contact NLE Choppa manager at J.Noah by dropping us an E-mail.

Book Now NLE Choppa page on our website will give you more information on booking your favorite rapper. At J.Noah, we also manage NLE Choppa tours across Europe. So get in touch with the NLE Choppa agent to know about his schedule and bookings.