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About Lacrim

Lacrim’s songs are rather unique and have changed from various theme’s through the years. These themes vary from crime-rap, to more hip-hop based and RnB influences. A key element that Lacrim posesses is his powerful voice and lyrics based on real personal experiences. Lacrim also uses vocoders a lot in his songs to tweak his voice. His opinion on this is that autotuning songs make that the message and emotion of the song is passed on to audiences better. In the medis Lacrim also defends the usage of autotune and in his opinion making songs and sounds more authentic. Instead of having a commercial purpose within the usage of autotune. On this he stated the following: ‘’I make music by instinct, not by strategy’’. In 2014 Lacrim won the Trace Urban Music Award for ‘‘best release’’.

Lacrim on Wikipedia

Karim Zenoud, Better known by his stage name Lacrim, sometimes stylized as LaCrim, is a French rapper of Algerian. After collaborations with various rappers, he released his album Faites entrer Lacrim in May 2012 followed by a mixtape Toujours le même in December 2012. The following two albums, Corleone in 2014 and Force & Honneur in 2017 both topped the French Albums Chart. He also released three successive mixtapes under the R.I.P.R.O series two in 2015 and a third in 2017.

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