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About Arizona Zervas 

Hailing from Maryland, this hip hop star was born in Rhode Island, United States. Arizona Zervas, also is known as AZ, is a rapper, singer cum songwriter. He is popularly known for his viral hit soundtrack ‘Roxanne.’ In 2019, the track secured 4th place in the Billboard Hot 100. His fame span across the web by followers using TikTok videos.

Furthermore, it garnered more than 50 million streams in Spotify. ‘Roxanne’ topped charts in NZ, and made it to top 10 in Australia, 

The UK and other countries. 

Following his success, he emerged on tour across the world in 2019. According to the Arizona Zervas agent, by November, he signed with record label company Columbia Records. 


Musical Journey and Milestones

He ventured into the world of music by releasing his first song while he was studying in 11th grade. In 2016, AZ released his debut track ‘Don’t Hit My Line.’ This then leads to the release of over 30 singles, with each one having more than 1 million streams in Spotify. Within a few months, he became a big shot in the underground music scenario.

From then onwards, AZ received numerous recognition and performed with various mainstream artists. His internet breakthrough took place during the 2016 Super Bowl half time. Here he was freestyling by using all the teams present in the NFL. This video boosted his success and became viral instantly. It crossed over 8 million views within just one week.

In 2018, Arizona Zervas released his debut three-song EP known as ‘Living Facts.’ By Oct 2019, AZ’s famous track ‘Roxanne’ came out. It went down to reach the top spot in Spotify US and was the first song by an independent, unsigned artist to reach that place. The track caused a bidding war among the labels resulting in AZ signing with Columbia Records on Nov 15, 2019.  

Arizona Zervas’s manager told us his fame got him great success across the world. Book now Arizona Zervas to enjoy his melodic lyrics and versatile performance. As per Billboard magazine, AZ did over 50 events all over the US, including Webster Hall in New York. 

Wish to hear his unique style that comes along with every release? Get in touch with the Arizona Zervas booking agent for Arizona Zervas booking. To book Arizona Zervas, visit our web portal to find more details about the Arizona Zervas tour.