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About A46

A46 came into contact with music at a young age. He comes from a musical family with a father and brother who always played in different bands. As a little boy, A46 sang along with his father and learned to play the guitar and piano. As he grew older he became more and more interested in hip-hop and started producing beats in his bedroom. But due to problems at school and too much hanging out on the street, he was not really motivated to take production seriously at first. He left music making for a long time. Until he came in contact with rapper Hero in 2016. Both boys are from Almelo and there was an immediate click. Hero brought his friends Aro and Woody to a studio session and gradually the enthusiasm for music returned.

At the end of 2016, Haris Trnjanin (Fully Charged Music Group) organized a writers’ camp based on his work as a youth worker at Studio15 in Almelo. He initially invited A46 to come along as a producer. During this writer’s camp, however, A46 slowly realized that, in addition to producing, he also had a damn good sound in terms of voice. Together with producer Vebgosa, he wrote a text during the writer’s camp and built his own track. When he showed this track at the end of the week, the rest of the crew skipped style. Everyone was surprised and very enthusiastic about his sound. Since the writers’ camp, A46 is also behind the mic and it is no longer possible to leave the studio.
Together with producer Vebgosa, he has since been working hard on his first solo EP, which will be released before the summer under the label Fully Charged Music Group. He has also operated since the writer’s camp under the name “Famway” together with rappers Hero, Woody and Aro. ‘’Famway’’ will also release a debut EP for the summer under Fully Charged Music Group.

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