A Europe based booking & touring company

About us

At J.Noah, our love for music drives us everyday. 

J.Noah has it’s roots in The Netherlands but we are a truly European company. Our team consists of 18 people from diverse backgrounds, located all across Europe. Every year we are involved with hundreds of high profile tours, shows, festivals and events that we arrange for our artists. We know Europe like our back pocket. And although we work on big projects, we keep things simple, lean and fast. So that we can setup shows and tours quick, efficient and comfortably for our artists.


Our team works remotely accross the European continent.

Hasan Ozturk

Project manager

Herman Muurlink

Artist Strategy

Jozef Wanno


Mert Can Uzman


David Morrobel

Agent / Tourmanager

Stav Consolas


Ron Nizamov

Agent Russia / Baltics

Haris Trnjanin


Augiaz Pattipeilohy


In 1992, Hasan Ozturk (Founder of J.Noah) organized his first event. In 2004 he got The Roots, to come out to Hengelo (a little town in The Netherlands). After that other artists followed like:  , Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes, Common and Pusha T. Here’s a bit of our history.

We started 22 years ago. As 16 year old kids, we brought our favorite artists to our hometown in the Netherlands.

We made our own flyers and even printed our own tickets with a copier machine. Ahh, the good old days.

Over the years we got many requests from other promoters & venues to help them booking artists from the US. That’s how we’ve grown to one of the most relevant booking agencies in Europe at the moment.

What makes us different is that we don’t work with hundreds of artists at a time. We focus only on a few artists to generate the most business for them. We believe in these long term relations of trust. When you work with us, you get a whole professional team in Europe to maximize your experience and income.